Who is Minding Your Farm?

Our farmland management services are designed primarily for Landowners that are not actively farming their farm themselves.

Because the landowners’ goals and objectives are foremost, our farm manager will carefully ascertain those goals and then analyze the farm to assist in developing plans for your farm that can best accomplish those goals.

The landowner will be asked to prioritize factors such as their acceptance or aversion or risk, intended term of ownership, increasing earnings, and other related factors. The operating plan and subsequent decisions made by your farm managers will be based upon these factors combined with your goals.

Services provided by our farm managers include:

  • Timely and thorough reporting and communication on your farm.
  • Creation and maintenance of farm rental contracts helping you achieve a higher return on your land investment.
  • Constant monitoring of the agricultural market and the volatility of land rental values to make sure that lease and/or operating terms are adjusted to the changing industry trends, maximizing your profit.
  • Frequent visits and inspections by your farm managers to ensure asset preservation, conservation, and to ensure that your farm qualifies for “pride of ownership”, insuring that the tenant is respecting your property and treating it as if it were their own.
  • Supervision of capital improvements (made after your approval) to your farm.
  • Profit and financial analysis reports with budget and cash flow projections.
  • A year end personalized comprehensive report that provides the needed information for your income tax return.

Your land is an investment that will return a profit well into the future if properly maintained. We ensure that your land is rented out to responsible individuals that will care for it as if it is their own, paired with constant monitoring of improvements and market changes to keep it up-to-date and competitive in today’s market. With our help, your land will continue to be a profitable investment without being a hassle.

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